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I have a parent model with an associated child model. I have an importData function to retrieve the data and pass it back. My problem is that somehow the relationship between the two models gets transformed so that they appear as siblings like this.

Consequently, when I try to manipulate the data with my prepopulateFields($data) function, I cannot figure out how to assign the data back to the original array. I'm to the point where I've tried everything I can think of, which means it's probably something obvious that I overlooked.

All I want to do is grabbed the remote data, add some fields to the child records, replace the original array with the new data and pass it back to the calling function. Am I over-engineering the solution?

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: For another example of confusing ouput, check this array_replace function call. This is what leads me to believe the data input are wrong. The last section of data, starting at line 28, should be REPLACING the data at lines 16-23, not appending to the end of the record.

Not only that, but the data are wrong. The primary key is [SOPNUMBE] => CR014076. The appended data primary key is [SOPNUMBE] => SVC0202052. So, I must be seriously misunderstanding how my model and how array_replace_recursive() are supposed to work.

To get a visual representation of the data, check this screenshot. It is an image of the variable list in debug mode. Notice that InvoiceHeader and InvoiceDetail are both first-level children of $data. Unless I misunderstand how the cakephp model works, detail should be a child of header, not data. In other words, the association should be $this->InvoiceHeader->InvoiceDetail. From the variable list, it appears that it is not.

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The result showed in this bin.cakephp.org/view/1876300907 link clearly shows an InvoiceHeader with all its InvoiceDetails children (in your case just one) What is exactly what you are looking after? – José Lorenzo May 1 '12 at 0:14
To me, it appears that invoiceHeader and invoiceDetail are on the same level of the hierarchy. If it's not, then how do I retrieve the whole record in the calling function? When I call $newData, all I get is the invoiceDetail portion. I'm just not seeing how to get the whole record back to the calling function. – Mike S. May 1 '12 at 2:49
update: I'm starting over by commenting out everything and rebuilding the foreach() structure. I'll see how that fares. – Mike S. May 1 '12 at 13:57
I knew it was something easy that I overlooked. I had the wrong parameter for my nested foreach. It should look like this: foreach ($data as $invoice) { foreach ($invoice['InvoiceDetail'] as $detail) { pr($detail); } } – Mike S. May 1 '12 at 16:15

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