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Facebook only sends day, week, month and lifetime data. The only way I see is to get data every hour, but that doesn't work for past queries.

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It's not possible to get finer insights data period breakdown than by day from the Graph/FQL APIs. Only day, week, month or lifetime data aggregations are available, as specified in the FQL and Graph Developer pages. Even though the FQL table's end_time field takes an hour-specific point in time expressed in unix time, that hour has to be set to midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, effectively making it a request for daily data as minimum period.

There are real-time analytics for social-plugins and Pages, but it is not accessible as raw data and has to be viewed through the Facebook dashboard. Last year, FB introduced real-time analytics for Social Plugins on Websites, such as the Like Button and the Comments box. FB has recently this year started offering real-time data for Pages. Again, it's only viewable online on your Page's insights section.

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Its odd they've real time data for page posts, but not for page, maybe in the near future. Thx for your answer. – sent-hil May 5 '12 at 11:59
Glad the answer was of some help. Yes, it's curious they don't offer more real-time data or hourly data through the API... – Gunnar Karlsson May 5 '12 at 13:27

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