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Ok this may sound a little weird but what i have is a frameset generated by php with codeigniter framework.

In one frame i am displaying rows of database query results with links attached to the row index of each record.

What I want to happen, is that you click one of the links and it brings up a more detailed summary of the record in the right hand frame.

While I am aware of the fact that php is server side etc. i was trying to make the link reload the right hand frame with the value of the index from the left hand side, then within the controller i can query the database using the index and push back the same summary page with the full record.

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You need to send an AJAX request to the server with the variable. You can google on How to send ajax request to server.

However, Here is a simple example of this, using jQuery

$.post("/next/page", {
   'variable1' : 'value1'
}, function(data) {
   //on success handler
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thanks for the feedback guys. Ended up using Starx's solution with a bit of tweaking. Thank you all. –  bisslad May 2 '12 at 3:23
@bisslad, Make sure you accept this answer if the solution worked. Click on (tick) on the left of the answer :) –  Starx May 2 '12 at 4:13

Sounds like you want the link definition in the left frame to be something like this:

<a target="otherframe" href="otherframeurl.php?index=2">item 2</a>

Where otherframe is the title of the right frame.

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I suppose your frames have names. Assuming the right frame's name is "right", you can change its href with JavaScript like this (from another frame):

parent.right.location.href = 'somefile.php?param=' + yourJsVariableHere;
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