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What I'm trying to do is to ask a user for a name of a file to make and then save some stuff in this file.

My portion of the program looks like this:

    if saving == 1:
        ask=raw_input("Type the name file: ")

I want the format to be .csv, I tried different options but can't seem to work.

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The issue here is you need to pass open() a string. ask is a variable that contains a string, but we also want to append the other string ".csv" to it to make it a filename. In python + is the concatenation operator for strings, so ask+".csv" means the contents of ask, followed by .csv. What you currently have is looking for the csv attribute of the ask variable, which will throw an error.

with open(ask+".csv", "w") as file:

You might also want to do a check first if the user has already typed the extension:

ask = ask if ask.endswith(".csv") else ask+".csv"
with open(ask, "w") as file:

Note my use of the with statement when opening files. It's good practice as it's more readable and ensures the file is closed properly, even on exceptions.

I am also using the python ternary operator here to do a simple variable assignment based on a condition (setting ask to itself if it already ends in ".csv", otherwise concatenating it).

Also, this is presuming your output is already suitable for a CSV file, the extension alone won't make it CSV. When dealing with CSV data in general, you probably want to check out the csv module.

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You need to use ask+'.csv' to concatenate the required extension on to the end of the user input.

However, simply naming the file with a .csv extension is not enough to make it a comma-separated file. You need to format the output. Use csvwriter to do that. The python documentation has some simple examples on how to do this.

I advise you not to attempt to generate the formatted comma-separated output yourself. That's a surprisingly hard task and utterly pointless in the presence of the built-in functionality.

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Your variable ask is gonna be of type string after the raw_input. So, if you want to append the extension .csv to it, you should do:

fileout = open(ask + ".csv", "w")

That should work.

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