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I'm making a Backbone app now and using a backbone.localstorage plugin to persist the data. My app has some sortable items so I hope every time I sort the items, the data order in localStorage will also change. And next time I refresh the whole page, the page will be rendered by the sorted data. But it seems that backbone.localstorage will persist the data in its creation order. Could someone give me some ideas on this?

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If you want your models to appear in an explicit order then include a comparator in your collection and, possibly, a position number in each model.

Local storage is:

a means through which string key/value pairs can be securely stored and later retrieved for use.

Note the key/value pairs, that means that you're dealing with, more or less, a big hash table and those are usually unordered. Furthermore, from the fine specification:

The order of keys is user-agent defined, but must be consistent within an object so long as the number of keys doesn't change. (Thus, adding or removing a key may change the order of the keys, but merely changing the value of an existing key must not.)

So there is no particular order inside local storage. If you want a specific order, you have to arrange for it yourself.

In your case, you'd probably have a position or index property in your models that would behave like an array index; then, in your collection:

comparator: function(m) { return m.get('position') } // or 'index'

You could also use a two argument comparator function:

comparator: function(a, b) {
    a = a.get('position');
    b = b.get('position');
    if(a < b)
        return -1;
    else if(a > b)
        return 1;
    return 0;

You'd have to maintain the position indexes as you move models around but that shouldn't be terribly difficult. You could also order the data by position after pulling it out of local storage but before putting it in your collection and then assign position values while writing the models into local storage.

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So if I assign an index for each model and include a comparator in collection, then every time I use this.collection.fetch() to load the data and render the view, it will be shown in an ordered way automatically, right? – chaonextdoor May 1 '12 at 2:02
@chaonextdoor: If you include the comparator then the collection will be ordered using that comparator every time you call add on the collection (unless you specify the at option to add). This can make it a little tricky to re-order things manually so you might want to only worry about the positions coming out of and going into local storage. – mu is too short May 1 '12 at 2:05
So if I call this.collection.add(), the model will be inserted in the right place. But if I call this.collection.fetch() at the very begining to render the initial page, the whole page is still unordered and I have to sort them manually first and then render the initial view, right? – chaonextdoor May 1 '12 at 2:08
add will put it in the right place if you have a comparator and the model has the right position property, same goes for fetch. – mu is too short May 1 '12 at 2:29
One more question, I tried to use and it would show all the data. But how could I access the specific data item in the localStorage? It seems that localStorage data always has a random key such as 714b097d-875e-7f18-b004-665676d98974. How could I access the value associated with this key without refering to these annoying random keys? – chaonextdoor May 1 '12 at 3:04

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