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I know it is possible to have vim open a file at particular line number using this syntax:

vim +500 filename

However, I would like it to open with the specified line at the top of the editor window, not in the middle.

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You could issue zt after opening the file, so something like: vim +500 filename -c 'normal zt'.

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Thank for the answer. This one worked best, as the above answer required the user to hit enter once after vim opened. This opened smoothly to the specified line. – stinkypyper May 1 '12 at 17:54

As an alternative (because I ended up here searching for it), if you want to have the syntax vim <filename>:<linenumber>, eg vim test.rb:45, you can use vim-fetch with Vundle:

Plugin 'kopischke/vim-fetch'
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This should do it:

vim +'500|norm! zt' filename

Or you could just start the habit of using zt (top), zz (center), and zb (bottom); In my case, it is so automatic, I wouldn't really require the extra invocation argument

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Thank for taking the time to answer. It is not matter of habit, I am opening vim from another app, and I wanted it to jump nicely to a particular section of specified document. – stinkypyper May 1 '12 at 17:53

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