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I would like to search a text word inside a text file. However, the code does not execute isnide the while loop. what is wrong with fgets definition? how can I fix it? the program always prints "outside of while msg"

char repeated_data [10] = "0123456789";
char temp[512];
FILE * fp5 = fopen("/home/eagle/Desktop/temp.txt","r");
if(fp5 == NULL)
     perror("temp_network.txt open failed");

//search the text inside the temp.txt
while(fgets(temp, 512, fp5) != NULL) 
     printf("while msg\n");
     if((strstr(temp, repeated_data)) != NULL) 
         printf("msg is discarded msg\n");
     printf("inside of while\n");
printf("outside of while msg\n");
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Are you reading the right file ? you seem to be opening temp.txt but your error message says temp_network.txt. whats the content/size of of temp.txt ? – dpp May 1 '12 at 2:11
thanks for your message. I did not notice the error msg indicates another file, I used copy paste, I forgot to change the msg. Size of the msg varies, another part of the program writes some string data and it keeps some strings (char [11]) – johan May 2 '12 at 21:27
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The flow seems correct, what you can still do to find the problem is check feof and ferror, as documented here:

If an error occurs, a null pointer is returned. Use either ferror or feof to check whether an error happened or the End-of-File was reached.

As a side note, this:

char repeated_data [10] = "0123456789";

should be

char repeated_data [] = "0123456789";


char repeated_data [11] = "0123456789";

You forgot the null terminator.

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