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Here's the code I'm using to download a file

var S3_KEY = 'xxxxxx';
var S3_SECRET = 'xxxxxx';
var S3_BUCKET = 'xxxxxx';
var s3Client = require('knox').createClient({
    "key": S3_KEY,
    "secret": S3_SECRET,
    "bucket": S3_BUCKET

// Pull some stuff down
s3Client.get('').on( 'response', function(res){
    console.log( "\n" + res.statusCode );
    console.log( "\n" + res.headers + "\n" );
    res.setEncoding( 'utf8' );
    res.on('data', function( chunk ) {
        console.log( chunk );

I'm getting a 403 error with a SignatureDoesNotMatch code. What am I doing wrong?

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You might want to look at the AwsSum library. It's fully-featured and actively maintained:

And there is an example of downloading from S3 in the node-awssum-scripts repo which you might find useful:

Give me a shout if you need any help. Disclaimer: I'm chilts, author of AwsSum. :)

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It seems like this is an issue on Knox's end. Apparently the problem has been solved, but the solution has not not pulled into the main project yet.

See this thread:

My workaround was to just remove the knox library and clone this repository into my node_modules folder:

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