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Anyone have a solution for 301 permanent redirects for deleted products in Magento?

I have a store with 5000 products. 4000 have been sold and will never be back in stock. I want to delete those products b/c I no longer need them and want to clean up/decrease my database, but I need to 301 permanently redirect them to appropriate pages to keep the SEO juice I've built up.

To be clear, I do not want the deleted product pages to be live any more, not even with an Out of Stock message, and I do not want 404 Page Not Founds.

Ideally, I would be able to export the product URL and its lowest-level category page's URL so that I could create 301 redirects via an .htaccess file. But exporting from Magento only exports category IDs, not category names or URLs, so how do I get these programmaticly? Or other solution to this?

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I would create a plugin that leverages observers and Magento's URL Rewrite Manager.

This plugin would observe the catalog_controller_product_delete event which returns array(’product’ ⇒ $product) to the Observer's $event var upon product delete - this would create automatic redirects upon deletion.

You can use this to get last-minute details about the product, including its url, and then do the following to insert into the url rewrite:

    ->setOptions('RP')  //301 redirect perm
    ->setTargetPath($product->getUrlPath() . '.html')
    ->setRequestPath($newpage->getUrlPath() . '.html')
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Sounds like a good technique to create a rewrite just before deleting. But how do we get the products' category URL for the rewrites? –  Joe Fletcher May 1 '12 at 18:35

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