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I have question about "copy" in objective-c, my function in Car.m is like this:

 - (id) copyWithZone: (NSZone *) zone
    Car *carCopy;
    carCopy = [[[self class] allocWithZone: zone] init];

    carCopy.name = self.name;  //not  [name copy]

    return (carCopy);

 } // copyWithZone

int the main.m:

    Car *car = [[Car alloc] init];
    car.name = @"abc";

    Car *copyCar = [car copy];

    [copyCar print];

    car.name = @"123";

    [copyCar print]; 

for the property name , i think both the car and copyCar point to the same NSString Object so that when I do "car.name = @"123" " , copyCar.name should also be changed. But when i print the copyCar twice as in the code, they both print the name as "abc". I want to know why it is not a shallow copy ?

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Two things:

1) they may both start out pointing to the same NSString, but when you do car.name = @"123", you are now making car.name point someplace else. You are changing the pointer, not the object it points to, and changing the pointer in car does not affect the pointer in copyCar. If you (hypothetically) did something like [car.name appendString:@"xxx"], that would change the object. But, you can't, because

2) NSStrings are immutable -- you can't change the NSString object once it's been created

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Thanks! I understand. –  itenyh May 1 '12 at 2:33

You're not mutating the string for the name property. You're replacing it outright. Since car and copyCar are not, in fact, the same object, assigning to car.name cannot possibly affect copyCar.name.

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Thanks! I understand. –  itenyh May 1 '12 at 2:33

Both car and copyCar point to the same string initially, but they both have different references to the same string. If you change the reference in one object, it doesn't affect the reference in the other object, so that's how car can point to the new string but not the carCopy.

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