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hi everyone i have a problem with my streaming. at the moment i have made jwplayer to open a php file (ex. movie2.php) and this php file gives to the jwplayer the movie file pice by pice by sleeping 1 second to limit the speed (this php file also checks referer and session and doesnt show the video path but that but these are not important for the problem) . until here everything is perfect but the problem is : I can not seek the video to a not loaded part and it is obvious the reason why . so can anyone tell me how should i do this ? i need to change this php file somehow to make it support the streaming or can anyone give me a script that supports the streaming and limit the download speed at the same time ??

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Check the "start=" value passed to your php code. I've used the JW Player before, and it definitely supports seek. Apparently, a seek is more like a restart, and passes that 'start' to your php file. From there, your file just starts the playing at that point.

There's a couple other comments on that thread about handling the client side of the object to avoid a couple pitfalls. It may be a bit dated, but should be relevant.

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wow man you are genious ! but the problem is when i use fseek to serve the file from that point and jwplayer gives error :video not found because of the meta data (i think) i need to put the meta data at anytime the video is started at the begining of the file that i should create but i dont know how many bytes at the begining of the mp4 are these metadata –  Albi Patozi May 1 '12 at 12:26

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