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I have the following scenario for my project running on Netty:

  • I have a server channel bound to 'w'
  • I make a connection to a host using a local address 'x' to the remote address 'y'.
  • I now need to allow messages coming from remote address 'z' to local address 'w' and put them in the same channel/channel pipeline as my 'x' to 'y' connection.

I basically need a bind('w', 'z') method for an existing channel, that will grab a connections from 'z' and include it in my existing pipeline instead of going to the server channel already bound at 'w'

Is this possible in Netty?

One (dirty) solution I can think of is to store these binding requests separately, and then when my server gets the respective connection it'll just create a 'forwarding' handler that will forward everything to my other channel. Is there a simpler solution that's facilitated by Netty?

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I think you need some kind of Proxy like service. Checkout the example [1].


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The difference is that I need my local address to match the server bound address – Daniel Murphy May 7 '12 at 0:45
I refined my question to a core issue here:… – Daniel Murphy May 7 '12 at 2:11

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