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My code is like this :

def check(request):
        #nothing should do
        return HttpResponseRedirect("http://google.com")

def index(request):
    return check(request)
    #some other taskshere after checking login 

I read in other posts that in order to make HttpResponseRedirect work, we have to return it while calling , like :

return check(request)  

when login fails, its ok , but when login is success the method check is not returning anything, so giving error that index method didnt return an HttpResponse Object . Whats the solution ?


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Use the auth decorators for this.


If you simply must, there are a variety of ways. You could do it as you describe:

def index(request):
    auth_situation = check(request)

    if auth_situation is None:               
       # some other tasks here, render a template,
       # redirect, do something, man!
       return auth_situation
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