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I'm doing a search and replace and need to replace all characters that are not a comma ",".

How do I search for all characters in any order?

For example:

string, like , this 

... Will become:

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Matching any non-comma chars: [^,]+

so in perl: s/[^,]+/replace/g

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In Perl, you can do this:

my $string = "string, like , this";
my $replacement = "replace";
print $string, "\n";
$string =~ s/[^,]+/$replacement/g;
print $string, "\n";
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assume you meant $replacement –  Salgar Jun 24 '09 at 16:07
Yes, that's right. Fixed it! –  James Thompson Jun 24 '09 at 17:07

You should enclose the matching text in parenthesis and then replace that for instance search for:


and then replace:



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In vim:


%            in the whole file
s            substitute
[^,]         match anything except comma
\+           match one or more times
/replace/    replace matched pattern with 'replace'
g            globally (multiple times on the same line)
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In ruby that would be:

original = "string, like , this"
substituted = original.gsub(/[^,]+/, 'replace')
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