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I don't understand what "direct" is used for.

i did some google research about _meta.get_field_by_name, and found Given a QS field lookup key, how to find fields type across joins?

but what does "the ORM's lookup" mean in django?

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From the population of the _name_map attribute on Django Options object in django.db.models.options, it looks like it is tied to whether the field name you are using is a field declared in your Model or a name created from a related name set up. I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the related name stuff but the code looks like:

for f, model in self.get_all_related_m2m_objects_with_model():
    cache[f.field.related_query_name()] = (f, model, False, True)
for f, model in self.get_all_related_objects_with_model():
    cache[f.field.related_query_name()] = (f, model, False, False)
for f, model in self.get_m2m_with_model():
    cache[] = (f, model, True, True)
for f, model in self.get_fields_with_model():
    cache[] = (f, model, True, False)
for f in self.virtual_fields:
    if hasattr(f, 'related'):
        cache[] = (f.related, None if f.model == self.model else f.model, True, False)

So you can see only the first two for-loops populate the cache with entries that have direct as False and they use related_query_name. Maybe someone else can shed more light on it or more likely in the 2 & 1/2 years since you asked, you've figured it out for yourself :)

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