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p::first-letter{color: red;}

I want to use ::first-letter on that p.But it's a inline element, accroding to W3C, it doesn't work. How to do?

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Why would you make a p display inline in the first place? –  BoltClock May 1 '12 at 3:52

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The :first-letter as defined in the spec http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/selector.html#first-letter only applies to a block element.

If you want you could use display:inline-block to make it work. Refer to http://jsfiddle.net/fZGFH/1/

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you can give display:inline-block; to your p tag

Using the css display:block; and display:inline;, we can change the property of the element from block to inline or from inline to block as well....

Here is the code how you can do that

 <!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=utf-8 />
<title>JS Bin</title>
<!--[if IE]>
  <script src="http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script>

  p {


<p>CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, is a language used to control the presentation of HTML and XML documents. A basic CSS document is made out of rule sets. Each rule set starts with a selector, a pattern that matches elements in an HTML or XML document. The selector is followed by a block of ...</p>

demo:- http://jsbin.com/eponir/4/edit

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Here is the style for inline and first-letter case:

p:first-letter {color:red}
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