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I'm trying to modify setInterval on a website using Greasemonkey. My code looks like this:

// @run-at         document-start

(function() {
    var clearIntervalOriginal = unsafeWindow.clearInterval;
    unsafeWindow.clearInterval = function(foo) {
        GM_log(typeof foo + ":" + foo)

Example website.

If you look at console log you'll see that the interval ID number isn't there and instead foo is sometimes an object. Looking at site source, I think this is the relevant code being used:

//yahoo code

How can I get the interval ID number from foo object?

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You're the one who can see what console.log outputs. Based on whatever that is, this should be trivial to answer for yourself. –  Matt Ball May 1 '12 at 4:18
What does c reference in the second piece of code? In the first bit, clearInterval is replaced (which is not a good strategy to start with), then later clearTimeout is called. Is that intended? As Nick says, the timer reference is in i.tid, so that is what you need to cancel it. –  RobG May 1 '12 at 6:47

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Am I reading your code wrong, or is your clearIntervalOriginal function recursively calling itself ad infinitum?

In the Yahoo code, the i.tid is the interval id. If you want to cancel the interval, you need to supply that id. For example:



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