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I have started to draw graphs using Microsoft Chart. I managed to draw a simple line chart. I have one problem now is that in the background my database is being populated with real-time data, and I would like to show that on my line graph. How can I do that?

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For showing real-time data in the graph, you have to update it after each constant interval of time. This you can easily do through running a new thread for retrieval of data and a delegate for updating data in the graph.

Create a new thread with AddDataThreadLoop() as ThreadStart and use a delegate for adding data to the graph, for example, AddData():

addDataThreadStart = new ThreadStart(AddDataThreadLoop);
addDataRunner = new Thread(addDataThreadStart);
addDataDel += new AddDataDelegate(AddData);

In the functions, divide the total job as:

Private void AddDataThreadLoop() { //Retrieve data here}
Public void AddData() { //Update graph }

You can download the demo code here.

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The above answer is sufficient to clear the logic to solve your problem but if you need full code, you can download it from here – user1333218 Jul 2 '12 at 6:19

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