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I am sending an app generated request to a user(already authorized the app) by calling the below function

 function send_app_request(){
   FB.api( "/" + '<USER-ID>' + "/apprequests", "POST", {
     message: "Custom Request for you!",
     data: "<REDIRECT-APP-URL>",
     access_token: "<APP-ACCESS-TOKEN>"
   }, function(response) {

When a user clicks on the pop-up that appears beneath the app icon(with a red number) at the top right corner of the canvas, he gets redirected to the index page of the canvas with 'request_ids' as one of the parameters. How do I get/decode the 'data' parameter(contains a url) which i passed during the FB.api call(in the function above), so that I can redirect the user to a specific location(url) in my application.

I have seen this functionality in many applications, and I am "unable" to figure out how they are able to redirect the users to a specific location in their app, instead of the index page when the user clicks on the pop up.

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The data is specific for that request you send to the user.

When the user clicks the requests and gets to your page (with the "request_ids" parameter) you should then get the data for the requests.

The url to get the requests from:

You will get a list of the requests and the data for each one (if such was sent). You then need to delete the request for the user by issuing a request to:

You can find a php example here: Upgrade to Requests 2.0

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Thanx a lot Nitz! – serpent403 May 1 '12 at 9:16

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