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For example,there is one simple select sparql query:

SELECT *  Where  
  CT:A skos:broader ?A.  
  CT:B skos:broader ?B.  

With the FILTER,it is easy to select the objects that equal to each others. But when there are even more triples to match ,for example,from CT:A skos:broader ?A to CT:Z skos:broader ?Z,how can I filter those meet ?A=?B=?C=....?Z?
Wish to make it clear.

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Yes,that what I need,Thanks very much! – Wang Ruiqi May 1 '12 at 9:04
so I put it as an answer :) – MarcoS May 1 '12 at 9:39
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I think your query should be written as

select ?a where { ct:a skos:broader ?a. ct:b skos:broader ?a }

which means that you want to find an ?a whose the value of skos:broader for both ct:a and ct:b. If you want to make the equivalent for all ct:a, ct:b, ... ct:z then you just repeat the pattern:

select ?a where { ct:a skos:broader ?a. ct:b skos:broader ?a. ct:c skos:broader ?a ... ct:z skos:broader ?a }

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