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How do you change the layout of the Forgot Password page in SocialEngine v4.2.3? I want to apply a default-simple, as oppose to the default layout.

Removing the header and footer and applying my own styling has been easy to do on other "non-authenticated" pages via the layout manager in the admin area. However, the forgot your password page is not in here and doesn't even appear to have a database entry in the core_pages database table.

I have found the PHP that builds the control in application/modules/User/Form/Auth/Forgot.php but can't see how to change the layout:

class User_Form_Auth_Forgot extends Engine_Form
  public function init()
      ->setTitle('Forgot Password')
      ->setAttrib('id', 'user_form_auth_forgot');

Anyone know a bit of socialengine/zend? I'm usually a ASP.NET MVC man myself, so this is new ground.

Thanks in advance.

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Try setting the layout in related action.



In User_AuthController::forgotAction

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