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I'm creating an app to view my schools schedule's, I coded an API in php to help me retrieve the schedules itself.

However I need to make an app where I'm able to navigate trough table view to finally get to a view with a UIWebView which retrieves the desired schedule trough the API I have written.

I tried using the 'multi-view' project (which comes with xcode) but it only has a master and detail view and I need to have some more views between the master view and detail view..

First view should consist out of school locations and the second view should have a table view with: Class Schedules, Teacher Schedules, Room Schedules, Subject Schedules. And then the hird view should have a list of classes, teacers, rooms or subjects and the by clicking one of them you should get to the detail view..

I'm using XCode 4.3 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3.

If someone just had an example project or a video or tutorial which shows how to do this. I have watched and read numerous tutorials on how to create a multi-view.. but they all consist of only a master and detail view.

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Something else?!..This forum is not a place to ask "give me the code to do this", that place maybe could be google or the apple developer site. Please, read the faq –  Mat May 1 '12 at 9:37
Did I ask for it then? I asked for a tutorial, example project, video's or an explaination on how to archieve this? Nobody asking for the whole code here. –  Swen Kooij May 1 '12 at 9:38

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