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Basically, I have a CodeIgniter site that registers users through this url:

Unfortunately, when you pass extra arguments in the URL like this: http://website.com/user/register/1/extraargs/extraargs

Here is my code:

class User extends CI_Controller
    public function register($step = NULL)
        if (($step!=NULL)&&($step == 1 || $step == 2 || $step == 3)) {
            if ($step == 1){
        } else {

It doesn't show a 404. It simply ignores the extra arguments. I want it so that the extra arguments wouldn't affect the URL. I want to show a 404 if there are extra URL arguments. How do you do this? Also, can the extra URL segments affect security? Thanks.

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It won't affect security since there will be extra values passed which your system simply won't use. –  Robin Castlin May 1 '12 at 10:24
Oh alright. Thanks for the tip. –  Mico Abrina May 1 '12 at 10:36

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Not sure why you'd want to do that really, but you could use func_num_args() and validate from that, i.e.,

public function register($step = NULL)
  if ( func_num_args() > 1 ) show_404();
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