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I have a memory leak on one of the part of my node.js application.

I know that there is node-inspector module for debugging and he has a profiling tab but it looks like this module is no longer maintained(last commit 6 month ago) and not working for profiling on my osx and node.js 0.6.15.

Is there any other good and easy to use memory profiling tool for node.js?


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Try Nodetime. It takes heap snapshots via V8's built-in heap profiler and tries to present it so that it is easy to find leaking properties and variables. More in this post http://nodetime.com/blog/detecting-memory-leaks-in-nodejs-apps. Installing Nodetime is super easy. Just npm install nodetime and then require('nodetime').profile() before all other require statements.

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Thanks. Looks nice and i'll try it. But problem already fixed long time ago... –  Shogun Jul 2 '12 at 18:30

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