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We have currently developed a page for students where we have implemented the jQuery tabs. Each tab shows the course and lesson details of upcoming lessons where the left most tab is the one with the lesson that will start the soonest.

Our problem are the tabs itself and the space it takes. This is because the name of each tab corresponds to the name of our courses...which can get very long. Let's say we have we ten courses all with long names. This will undoubtedly make the tabs look horrible.

We have considered the idea of Accordion but did not like that the students would have to scroll all the way back up or down to find the next course.

With that in mind, are there any alternatives to Tabs and Accordion? It's mainly a UI design issue.

Thank you in advance and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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With that in mind, are there any alternatives to Tabs and Accordion? It's mainly a UI design issue.

The question is somewhat off-topic, but since an implementation will probably require some level of programming it I'll answer rather than voting to close.

Option 1
Use CSS text-overflow: ellipsis (supported in newer browsers) to shorten the offending text and display the full name in a tooltip using the title attribute (or a custom tooltip). Or, just create the ellipsis server-side and output the markup you want (simpler but less precise).

Option 2
Modify the jQuery UI stylesheet to display text on multiple lines.

Option 3
Option #1 and #2 both require modifications to the jQuery UI CSS. If your requirements are more specialized, you can write your own tab plugin which displays exactly the way you want. It can be done with a surprisingly small amount of code.

Option 4
Use tabs which slide to reveal tabs that didn't fit in the visible area such as:

Option 5
Arrange your content more creatively using a dynamic grid layout tool like jQuery Masonry. This approach allows you to fill all available screen real estate. Higher priority content could be placed near the top.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions and sorry for the off-topicness. Slide Tabs looks very promising and I think I will try and implement something like that – Johnathan Au May 1 '12 at 11:15

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