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I am working on a url using python.
If I click the url, I am able to get the excel file.
but If I run following code, it gives me weird output.

>>> import urllib2
>>> urllib2.urlopen('http://intranet.stats.gov.my/trade/download.php?id=4&var=2012/2012%20MALAYSIA%27S%20EXPORTS%20BY%20ECONOMIC%20GROUPING.xls').read()

output :

"<script language=javascript>window.location='2012/2012 MALAYSIA\\'S EXPORTS BY ECONOMIC GROUPING.xls'</script>"

why its not able to read content with urllib2?

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Take a look using an http listener (or even Google Chrome Developer Tools), there's a redirect using javascript when you get to the page.

You will need to access the initial url, parse the result and fetch again the actual url.

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@Kai in this question seems to have found an answer to javascript redirects using the module Selenium

from selenium import webdriver

driver = webdriver.Firefox()
link = "http://yourlink.com"

#this waits for the new page to load
while(link == driver.current_url):

redirected_url = driver.current_url
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