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Is it possible to get all user Album Covers + the Number of pictures for each album?

I can get User Album Covers by:

SELECT aid, pid, src_small, src, src_big FROM photo WHERE aid IN(SELECT aid FROM album WHERE owner=me()


but I want to get also how many pictures in each album....

I can run a Loop all user albums, and for each album run another FQL, but I wander if there is a better way of doing it faster/more efficient

Any suggestion?

Thanks, Gtamir

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    function getAlbum() {
FB.api('/me/albums', function(resp) {
    console.log('Albums', resp);
    var ul = document.getElementById('albums');
    for (var i=0,; i<l; i++) {
        album =[i],
        li = document.createElement('li'),
        span = document.createElement('span'),
        a = document.createElement('a');

      a.innerHTML =;
       span.innerHTML = album.count;

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number of pic in each album is available in "album" table's "photo_count" property, since you require photo information from "photo" table, and FQL does not support joining tables, your only catch is to use multiquery

$multiQuery = {
 "query1":"SELECT aid,owner,name,photo_count,type,object_id FROM album WHERE owner IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me())",
 "query2":"SELECT aid, pid, src_small, src, src_big FROM photo WHERE aid IN(SELECT aid FROM album WHERE owner=me())"

$param = array(       
 'method' => 'fql.multiquery',       
 'queries' => $multiQuery,       
 'callback' => '');

$queryresults = $facebook->api($param);

I haven't tested the code personally, but it should go something like that

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