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I wanted to make a Google Chrome extension that needed to list the <script> tags on a web page. So I made a manifest.json with a script that would "run_at": "document_start" only on that particular web page. When I loaded the page, I noticed that the value of document.getElementsByTagName('script') was that of an array with the proper <script> element in it, but its length was 0 and I couldn't access the elements.

var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName('script');
console.log(scripts.length); // 0
console.log(scripts); // [<script type=​"text/​javascript">​...</script>​] with expected JavaScript in it

Something somewhere is definitely wrong. The scripts variable has length 0 but the console shows it contains an element which cannot be accessed.

enter image description here

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From the documentation:

In the case of "document_start", the files are injected after any files from css, but before any other DOM is constructed or any other script is run.

If you need access to the DOM, change run_at to document_end or leave it as the default document_idle.

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