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Here is my code for saving:

mydict={key: value for (key, value) in data.items() if key in keys}

Here, data is like an array of keys and values. I don't want to save all, only some keys that are available in keys. Above save is working and cool, but how to update it? The resources are same but the operation now is update. I know one method:

m.college = "some other name to update"

Now it will be updated with the new college name. But how can I do it directly as I have done using save? data I specified contains the keys along with the values to be updated.

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What @San4ez proposes is correct.

Keep in mind though that the .save method of a Model flushes/rewrites the entire row back at the database even if you want to change only one column/field.

An alternative method that provides better performance and concurrency is by using the Queryset's update method, which only updates the selected columns.

So provided that "name" has a unique constraint(so that filter will return only one result).


There is work being done right now so that future versions of django can provide this functionality on the .save method. See more here

EDIT: Worth noting is the fact that should you choose to use the above method, any post/pre signals won't be emitted by django and generally the .save method of the model won't be called, as per django's documentation.

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m = Modelname.objects.get(name="ramesh")
for key, value in data.items():
    if key in keys:
        setattr(m, key, value)
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