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Since working with databases requires input/output, may take unbounded amount of time, etc. it seems natural to want a non-blocking, asynchronous API. Is there one for Java?

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check out java.nio – ratchet freak May 1 '12 at 11:27
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There is no standard API like JBDC which would allow you to asynchronously call any DB. However there is this Google Project which tries to do exactly this for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

You may also take a look at this question, which addresses similar stuff:

Is asynchronous jdbc call possible?

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I do not think that such API exists but there are 2 different things: DB access libraries and a lot of ways to perform asynchronous calls in java.

  • You can use either plain JDBC or any other higher level tool that simplifies DB access implementation to access your database.

  • You can make asynchronous calls using JMS (if you are in Java EE environment) or using queues and executors from concurrency package if your are in JSE environment. Obviously a lot of other solutions available too.

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For Couchbase I came across Reactive Couchbase which claims to do this and has a Java Wrapper. Didn't try it but there are several examples in the links.

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