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I'm using the Facebook Graph Batch API to send one message / different messages to registered people's FB walls. I'm defining an access_token for each user, and the obliged top-level access_token (used as fallback, according to the doc). For the latter I just use an access_token from the users listed in the batch.

The thing is that the only user recieving the message, is the one who's access_token I used as the top-level/fallback access_token. The other users get the "(#210) User not visible" error message. I'm using 3 test users setup at my app-roles.

Any idea what goes wrong here?

Here's my code (python) for generating one message to all registrants:

    for soc_reg in self.registrants:
        batch_item = {
            "method" : "POST",
            "relative_url" : FACEBOOK_URL_FEED % (soc_reg['uid']),
            "body" : Helper.toURL(publishParams),
            "access_token" : soc_reg['access_token'],
    params = {
        "access_token" : self.registrants[0]['access_token'], # used as fallback
        "batch" : Helper.toJSON(batch),

results in following value for "params":

{"access_token": "XYZ", "batch": "[{\"body\": \"caption=&message=is+not+a+test.%0D%0AWe%27re+just+rappin%27+to+the+beat%21&place=146270405429726&link=&description=\", \"access_token\": \"XYZ\", \"method\": \"POST\", \"relative_url\": \"/100003720771245/feed\"}, {\"body\": \"caption=&message=is+not+a+test.%0D%0AWe%27re+just+rappin%27+to+the+beat%21&place=146270405429726&link=&description=\", \"access_token\": \"ZYX\", \"method\": \"POST\", \"relative_url\": \"/100003671211957/feed\"}, {\"body\": \"caption=&message=is+not+a+test.%0D%0AWe%27re+just+rappin%27+to+the+beat%21&place=146270405429726&link=&description=\", \"access_token\": \"YZX\", \"method\": \"POST\", \"relative_url\": \"/100003683601909/feed\"}]"}

So the only user recieving the message is the one defined here: "access_token" : self.registrants[0]['access_token'] When I adjust the index, I can determine the one recieving the message ;)

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Can you please file a bug in the Facebook Platform Bug Tracker? This sounds like it may be erroneous behaviour. – Matthew Johnston May 1 '12 at 11:47
I'd like to, but how can I submit a bug? Can't see any create-button or what so ever. Do I need to be a special-type-of-developer to be allowed to do that? – Planetcrypton May 1 '12 at 12:09
Sorry for being so blind!: Bottom of search hinting-list... – Planetcrypton May 1 '12 at 13:11
Reported this at Facebook Platform Bug Tracker: developers.facebook.com/bugs/297052017044229 – Planetcrypton May 1 '12 at 13:21
Seems like it's rather quiet around this possible bug.. Anybody else experienced sort of the same problem I had regarding this Facebook Graph Batch API? – Planetcrypton May 3 '12 at 9:20

OK, seems like the documentation and the API itself are not corresponding: https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/212455918831996

Documentation says: relative_url => 'alias', 'body' => '{"access_token" => "..."}'

But only this ways seems to work: 'relative_url' => 'alias?access_token=...'

FB seemed to have confirmed the bug and put it on the 'wishlist', so far the latter is the way to go, works for me at least :)

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Verified that this is still the case, even several years later... :/ – rinogo Feb 12 '15 at 6:49

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