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I have a database DocData size with 8 GB. I want to move three tables form DocData to another database DocData2 with out using import export wizard and identity columns in these tables. I want to move it using a script and copy data with identity column. One of the tables size is 7 GB.

I am using this query

CREATE TABLE [DocData2].[dbo].DocumentPages AS 
SELECT  * FROM [DocData].[dbo].[DocumentPages]

but I am getting the following error.

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'SELECT'.
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SET IDENTITY_INSERT [ database_name . [ schema_name ] . ] table  ON

do inserts here

SET IDENTITY_INSERT [ database_name . [ schema_name ] . ] table  OFF
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That's not at all what that statement does. – John N May 1 '12 at 12:33
@JohnN Please explain why that is incorrect. The problem statement includes Identity columns. If there are any gaps in the Identity value then that is how to handle that. +1 – Paparazzi May 1 '12 at 14:39
So it does, I completely missed that in the question. – John N May 1 '12 at 17:02

Please use this script.

SELECT * INTO [DocData2].[dbo].DocumentPages FROM [DocData].[dbo].[DocumentPages]

Read here to know more about SELECT INTO.

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Frankly this is a poor choice because it will not create indexes or other constraints other than the identity. – HLGEM May 1 '12 at 13:48

You need to run the following statement.


  • Both your databases exist on the same server.
  • Your destination table DocumentPages doesn't already exist in your destination database DocData2


SELECT  *   
INTO    [DocData2].[dbo].[DocumentPages] 
FROM    [DocData].[dbo].[DocumentPages]

Your Issue:

You cannot create tables using the script in the question. CREATE TABLE doesn't have any option to accept SELECT output to create a new table in such manner.

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you can only do that if both databases are on the same server. If they are on different servers you need to use other techniques like Linked server or SSIS packages.

That being said, you need to first create your [DocData2].[dbo].DocumentPages table and then copy the data from one table to another

insert into [DocData2].[dbo].[DocumentPages]
select * from  [DocData].[dbo].[DocumentPages]
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If you want an exact copy, then script the table (right click on the table in the object brwoser, you will see the option to create a script) and all of its indexes, constraints etc. (you may need to script teh indexes separately) then create the table by running the script then write an insert statement like the one @Diego did (only specifying columns, inserts shoudl alawys specify columns).

Of course if you were managing your database corectly, you would already have the script in source control. At least start to do this now with these scripts.

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