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I have a cluster that uses Hadoop 1.0.0 and I would like to run a MR job that processes huge bz2 files. In version 0.21.0 the Bz2 codec supported splitting of input files, however I could not find this functionality in 1.0.0. Is there any equivalent of splitting the bz2 input in 1.0.0? Or I should manually apply the patch from 0.21.0 for this?

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The 1.x version of Hadoop does not yet support any splittable compression codecs. It does support Bzip2, but not splittable. This depends on this issue It currently looks like this feature wil appear in Hadoop 1.1.0

The easiest way around this is to have a look at the cloudera packaging cdh4 which currently in beta. That has the latest Bzip2 implementation that does do splitting.


Hadoop 1.0.0 API:

public class BZip2Codec
extends Object
implements CompressionCodec

Hadoop 0.23.1 (AFAIK will be Hadoop 2.x) API:

public class BZip2Codec
extends Object
implements SplittableCompressionCodec 
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The BZip2 Codec API can be found here.

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You can try to use Pig which provides the functionality Hadoop lacks for 1.0.0. Pig will split the input file.

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You can use for your input split.

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Incorrect; Hadoop 1.x does not yet support this. – Niels Basjes May 1 '12 at 21:59
But it is very slow, so if you have enough space, unzip it. – Shumin Guo May 2 '12 at 0:49
You may have used bzip2. But not splittable bzip2. – Niels Basjes May 2 '12 at 18:53

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