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I referred to this source about the AES Encryption/Decryption and use the code in my C# project

I encrypted a text in C# with all the parameters defined by me. In my school project, the text is sent to the Android client, decrypted and displayed on the screen. I searched for the Java AES decryption but none uses such parameters, like in C#, as the key is generated automatically. I also saw some similar questions here but still haven't got the solution. Can anyone help me with this problem ?

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First you need to choose a mode. The choice of mode is crucial for the security of your project, and depends on your requirements. Do you need: 1. random read access? 2. Random write access/incremental updates? 3. Use a single key multiple times? 4. Authenticated encryption? Once you've chosen a mode that fits your needs, one can figure out how to implement it in both languages. –  CodesInChaos May 1 '12 at 11:52

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In sun.security there are some classes that related to encrypt and decrypt, some of the are AES related (like AES128/256), take a look at this article

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