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I've built a search function for an array of javascript objects along the lines of:

  1. User types text into a form input box
  2. Loop through object array
  3. If object text contains inputted text, push the object into a separate 'filtered' array
  4. Display filtered array

This works fine using the string search() function built into javascript ie.


Now the client would like to do a more advance search along the lines of:

find objects where text contains (x1 or x2) and (x3 or x4 or x5)

Where each of the x's is a word and an object would be pushed into the filtered collection when the above condition is met.

Is there a built in function which can handle this kind of complex boolean statement?

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Consider this library which claims to use reparse to do something like what you describe: – Soferio Apr 5 '14 at 4:14

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Using the answer to this question

I take this:

var usersearchstring = "(x1 or x2) and (x3 or x4 or x5)";

And convert it using this:

usersearchstring = usersearchstring.replace(/[-\w]+/g, "targetstring.toLowerCase().search('$&')>=0");

Into this:

(targetstring.toLowerCase().search('x1')>=0 or targetstring.toLowerCase().search('x2')>=0) and (targetstring.toLowerCase().search('x3')>=0 or targetstring.toLowerCase().search('x4')>=0 or targetstring.toLowerCase().search('x5')>=0)

N.B. '>=0' is required to convert the numerical response returned by the search function into a boolean value

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I like self-solving questions... :) – bPratik May 3 '12 at 9:52

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