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i create two files NodeControl.xaml and NodeControl.xaml.cs,

in the xaml file wrote x:Class="TreeTest.NodeControl.NodeControl"

in the cs file i wrote partial and in the constructor i call InitializeComponent();

thay are worked fine but VS2010 didn't understand they are xaml and code behind

enter image description here

did i do something wrong?

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I suggest not naming sub-namespace and class name with same name because then you cannot use NodeControl from code (for example in MainWindow.xaml.cs) without fully qualifying it with namespace (using TreeTest.NodeControl; won't work). – Stipo May 1 '12 at 14:47

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This is because Visual Studio doesn't know they are associated. It's just a naming convention to have .xaml and .xaml.cs. IN the project file you need to enforce the relationship via:

<Compile Include="NodeControl.xaml.cs">
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