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We have some entities with JAXB annotations so that we can unmarshal some 'incoming' XML to pojo. We now need to marshal the pojos to XML but to a different format than the incoming xml. What's the best way of doing this?

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My solution is to use an extra "version" field in the JAXB object to distinguish multiple versions of bindings. Usually, I use enum as its type, i.e., enum Version {V1, V2, ...};

So for a specific XML element field, I define the getField() method as

public String getField() {
    if (version == Version.V1) {
        return field;
    } else if (version == Version.V2) {
        return null; // hidden


Before marshalling, one just needs to set the version value to the desired enum value, and JAXB will take care of the rest.

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