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There are many android versions, I see the android 2.3 is the most popular one. What is the best choice, to work on android 2.3 or to work the latest version android 4 or even android 3 ?

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There really isn't a clear answer for this question. I would develop for 4.0 just because it's easier :). But it really depends. –  hwrdprkns May 1 '12 at 13:18
@hwrdprkns how easier ?? –  Adham May 1 '12 at 13:19
You won't have to worry about compatibility as much; the documentation is much more clear, and so are the design patterns. –  hwrdprkns May 2 '12 at 18:51

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if you are not bound with your requirements to work on new versions of android sdk the you should develop on 1.6 platform(i wont say 1.5 as this did not have RelativeLayout.). so that you will not have any issue about backward compatibility.

but 2.1 is good hoice to start with. as 97% of devices are running on this version of android.

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2.3 has higher number of users as of now. But it all depends on your app's audience , don't you think?.

my option wil be to either dev on 2.3 or on 4.0 . no use with 3.0 now.

As of now:
1) 3.0 limits your apps to tablets alone!.
2) 4.0 limits it to mostly the top end phones.

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I would develop for 4 as you can still make your application backward compatible.

See this link where it talks about using the Android Support Library in your projects to make them backward compatible.

This link talks about creating backward compatible UIs

I see no reason why anyone would need to specifically develop new application on 2.3 anymore, with all of the support libraries and references available.

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