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I am using MapView to display some polygons (zones) as Overlays on the canvas. I extended the class Overlay and now would like to implement the onTap method. After user taps on one of these zones another overlay should be displayed. I would like to define the layout of this overlay as a normal XML layout and than just inflate it and display.

I have already looked on one example called android-mapviewballoons, but it uses itemized overlays which take an Drawable resource and display it on the mapview. This drawable can than be taped. In my case I want my zone (polygon) to be the clickable resource. Can anyone help me please?


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Step #1: Implement onTap() in your Overlay and confirm you are getting control when you want to.

Step #2: Adjust your existing layout such that the MapView is in a container that supports Z-axis ordering, like a RelativeLayout

Step #3: In onTap(), add another child to the container (and, eventually, get rid of that child, when appropriate)

Here is a sample app from one of my books demonstrating this with an ItemizedOverlay, but there should be no significant difference for using the technique with a regular Overlay.


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