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I'm learning jQuery and having a problem with the before function. What I'm doing is I have table with a class of fish and using detach to remove it and put it into an array so that when I hit a button it will restore it back to its original place. Here is what I have below. The end result im trying to accomplish is putting text(Pan-Fried Halibut) back into the table. Any help with be very much appreciated

        <td class="fish">Pan-Fried Halibut</td>

Here is the jQuery detach function:

$("input#btn1").click(function () {
    $f = $(".fish").detach();

Trying to put the text back in:

$("input#btn2").click(function () { 
    $(".fish").first().before($f);  'This statement doesnt work; what am i doing wrong
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What is the problem with your code? We're not mind readers. –  Matt Ball May 1 '12 at 13:36

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I don't think variable $f is still in scope when you're trying to add the text back in. Try something like this instead:

    var $f = $(".fish").first();
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It's not clear what you are trying to do here.

One problem is that after you do $(".fish").detach() no elements with class fish will remain in the DOM tree. Therefore, when later you do $(".fish") nothing will be matched and therefore nothing will be inserted.

Another issue is that you seem to attach both click handlers to the same element; both will be called when the button is clicked, and it's not obvious what the end result will be.

Finally, how does $f pass from the first event handler to the second?

You would see some result (probably not your intended though) if you did it this way:

$(function() {
    var $f; // so that it's accessible to both event handlers

    // bind two handlers to the click event, to be executed on alternating clicks
    $("input#btn1").toggle(function () {
        $f = $(".fish").detach();
    }, function() {
        // you need to find some appropriate selector here, $(".fish")
        // will match nothing because those elements have already been detached
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Once you detach .fish, it is no longer there. So you cannot refer to it and try to put it back. Try to put it back by providing a different location. Try to see this example - http://jsfiddle.net/mnNfH/

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