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How can I get the details of users for whom the state is intended?

In my case I have a 4-state workflow with private as initial state, then pending, reviewed and published. When a contributor adds a page its state is private and he can request for review. The reviewer then gets a notification email on the transition (I have added a Python script to send the mail).

Since Products.DCWorkflow has 5 default variables (action, actor, time, comments and review_history), I'm able to get the user who has requested the transition by using the actor variable:

actorid = wf_tool.getInfoFor(obj, 'actor')  
actor = context.portal_membership.getMemberById(actorid)

My problem is: how to get the details of the user who is going to review?

PS: my script works on status_change object of workflow.

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You can't get the name of the person who "is going to review" - it's not fixed until someone reviews. In a default setup, you could find the list of members of the Reviewers group through the Groups tool, and know who is authorized to review, but that's not the same thing.

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