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I have created a Spine Controller and I want to trigger a custom event 'Create' from inside one of it's methods. Then I would like another Spine Controller to listen for that event. How is this possible using Spine.js's custom event methods?

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Custom events don't have to be global. You can can trigger/bind events per controller instance, but not per controller class. For instance

class PresenterController extends Spine.Controller
  giveSpeech: (message) ->

class App extends Spine.Controller
  addKeynote: ->
    @speaker = new PresenterController
  listen: (message) =>
    alert("I heard " + message)

But you can't get something like PresenterController.bind("speech")

The reason is that Model uses @extend Event, which adds methods to the class, but Controller uses @include Event, which adds methods to the instance. Model achieves the appearance of having instance bindings because it defines its own implementations of trigger, bind, and unbind

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You can trigger events in Spine like this

Spine.trigger "Create"

In you're other Controller you can bind the event to a method like this

Spine.bind "Create", @create

You have to define a method with the name create in this Controller:

create: =>
  # Create action

Because the custom events are global I would suggest using the controllers name as a prefix. You could use ControllerName:Create for example:

Spine.trigger "ControllerName:Create"
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