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I want to create a button which will run a previously ran function. ie i click buttonA to run Function A then click button B to run functionB i want to have a button which allows the user to go back to functionA by clicking a back button.

i thought i could a global variable to hold previous statements but it would not work as every function ran would overwrite the stored statements. here is some psuodo code to kind of explain what i mean

var globalvar;
globalvar = functionA;
function B { run globalvar};
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Use hash hyperlinks and the hashchange event. In jQuery:

$(window).on('hashchange',function() {
    var hash = location.hash.substring(1); // strip the leading # symbol
    // now run code based on whatever the value of 'hash' is


<a href="#hash1">function A</a>
<a href="#hash2">function B</a>

Now, whenever the user clicks the browser's "back" button (or an HTML button that triggers history.go(-1)), it will go back to whatever hash was previously selected and trigger the hashchange event again.


Warning: older browsers like IE7 may not support hashchange or history.go().

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@bažmegakapa Yep, although if older browser support isn't needed, those plugins are probably overkill. I might use Modernizr for support and work around it for those rare cases instead. – Blazemonger May 1 '12 at 14:45
Of course, just thought it's worth adding it as a comment. Sometimes you just don't want to reinvent the wheel :). Upvoted btw. – kapa May 1 '12 at 14:47

JQuery method, and apply the class back to the link, e.g.:

    return false;
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