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I have a backbone(0.9.2) written in coffeescript as follows

class Animal.Views.Cats extends Backbone.View
 template: JST['animals/cats']
 render: ->

With this coffeescript code, when i execute in browser, i get the following error in console

Property template of object <#cat> is not a function

I am using eco template with rails 3.1 backend where am i going wrong?


the problem was a deeply nested template file structure

template: JST['mammals/animals/cats'] fixes the problem

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To reiterate, if you have a directory structure like this:


You need to include your namespace when referencing your template:

  • Will not work: JST['animals/cats']
  • Will work: JST['namespace/animals/cats']
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in your code 'template' is not defined as a function but as a attribute.


template: -> JST['animals/cats']

ie, insert the function arrow '->'

or, if you do not want that to be a function, then drop the parentheses after @template

$(@el).html @template
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with template: -> the actual template file doesn't get picked up –  railerhelper May 1 '12 at 16:34
so does it work if you drop the parentheses and treat template as an attribute? or does the 'animals/cats' template not actually exist? –  francpaul May 2 '12 at 6:24

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