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I'm trying to implement jQuery-File-Upload - I have it working when I drag & drop files from explorer into my browser. But I also want to be able to drag and drop a folder.

When I drop files onto the browser, the files are in the data.files param in the fileuploaddrop(e, data) event handler. But when I drop a folder, the files array is empty.

var dropZone = $('#fileUploadDiv').fileupload({
    dropZone : $('.dropZone'),
    drop : function(e, data) {
      $.each(data.files, function(index, file) {
        console.log('Dropped file: ' + file.name);

Is this not supported by the plugin, or is there a mystery setting I'm missing somewhere ?

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The uploader uses HTML5 capabilities, which don't allow dropping folders. Read more here: Does HTML5 allow drag-drop upload of folders or a folder tree?

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Drag/Drop and input Directory upload now available with chrome 21

you can get directory upload using webkitdirectory

<input type='file' webkitdirectory>

Here is a complete code for uploading folders.


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