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This is my first time using MongoDb and morphia and I am pretty new to databases in general. I am wondering how I should organize my code with morphia. I was looking into using a DAO like it says on the morphia documentation, but the way they seem to be doing it, I would have to create a DAO for each model object that I have. I liked play's methodology of basically giving Model objects the ability to save themselves but I only have vague notions of what is going on under the hood here, so I am not sure how to achieve this with morphia, or if it is even desirable to do so. The code I have so far looks like this for the skeleton of a User model.

public class User extends BasicDAO<User, ObjectId>{
    @Id ObjectId id;

public String firstName;

public String lastName;

public String email;

@Indexed public String username;

public String password;

public User(Mongo mongo, Morphia morphia){
    super(mongo, morphia, "UserDAO");
public User(){
    this(DBFactory.getMongo(), DBFactory.getMorphia());

public void save(){;

public static User findByUsername(String uname){
    return DBFactory.getDatastore().find(User.class, "username =", uname).get();

public static boolean authenticate(String uname, String pword){
    User user = DBFactory.getDatastore().createQuery(User.class).filter("username", uname).filter("password", pword).get();
    if(user == null)
        return false;
        return true;

It is currently throwing a StackOverflowException, and I am not sure why, but is this a reasonable pattern to try to accomplish?

Also the DBFactory basically just exists to maintain the singleton mongodb connection.

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he is obviously using java and looking to organize his code, i don't think a scala example is any help – nightograph Jul 20 '13 at 14:51

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Play 2.0 have a module for working with MongoDb I think You should give it a try

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I started using Marphia with play framework 2.x. In my opinion, it is more sophisticated than the jackson mapper. I followed this example to install marphia plugin:

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Could you elaborate on how Morphia data conversion is more sophisticated than Jackson's? – StaxMan Jul 22 '12 at 3:47 As you can see in the marphia home page there are lot annotations available to customize. And also it provides a type safe dao. – Karthik Sankar Sep 30 '12 at 3:26
Right, but Jackson is highly configurable using annotations (including external "mix-in" annotations) as well. So while I don't doubt Morphia has plenty of functionality of it's own, I don't see anything but rather basic annotations on home page; and nothing particularly sophisticated. So I was curious as to what you consider sophisticated here, esp. given you compared it to Jackson. – StaxMan Sep 30 '12 at 4:35
@KarthikSankar where in that code is he is initializing the MorphiaObject? – nightograph Jul 20 '13 at 14:58
@nightograph MorphiaObject is initialized on – Pedro Casagrande Aug 14 '14 at 18:13

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