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I am trying to port some java code to scala. The code uses annotations with a member called type however this is a keyword in scala. Is there a way to address this valid java member in scala?

Here is the Java code

        name = "RestProcessorImpl",
        type = mediation // Compile error
public class RestProcessorImpl {
 // impl

This part of the code is identical in scala except that type is a keyword so it does not compile. Is there a way to escape the type keyword?

This is also a problem with java classes with a type member

package spike1;

public class HasType {
    public String type() { 
        return "the type";


class UseType {
    def hasType = new HasType
    hasType.type() // Compile error
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You can use backticks to get around illegal identifiers:

val type = 1    // error
val `type` = 1  // fine

So with your code, you can do this:

val hasType = new HasType
hasType.`type`()   // no error
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Excellent, I know that there must have been a way, that is just what I was looking for. –  iain May 1 '12 at 16:02

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