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I have two threads running as following. The code works perfectly on iPhone simulator but not on the device. On iPhone ( have ios 5.1 running) thread A signals on the condition but thread B is waiting on the condition indefinitely.

In thread A when data is ready to be processed:


In thread B:

  while(outstandingSig == 0)
    pthread_cond_wait(&condVar, &mutex);

  outstandingSig = 0;  //Reset outstanding signals

 // process data

Any suggestions why it's behaving differently on the device? What could be causing thread B not to consume the signal? And why different behavior on the simulator and the device?

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Did you get to the bottom of this or find a work-around? I think I am having a similar problem with hanging on a pthread_cond_wait on the iPhone device.

The condition is signalled correctly on the iOS Simulator but it hangs when running on the iPhone. If I pause execution and then resume, the condition is satisfied and execution continues.

I did notice however, that the implementation of pthread_cond_wait is different on different platforms.



iOS Simulator:


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Changing the debugger to GDB helped. Hope it works for you. If you do come across another solution, do post – user1368045 Jul 26 '12 at 20:49

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