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I am setting up a Windows-based Subversion setup via SVNSERVE under which users authenticate to Active Directory via SASL and the GSSAPI. I know that some providers offer pre-packaged installations of Subversion with integrated AD support out of the box, but those are not an option in my situation.

I'm using Subversion 1.7.4 for Windows, MIT Kerberos V5 (3.2.2) for Windows, and will be accessing the repository from Tortoise SVN clients on Win64 boxes. SVNSERVE is running as a system service under a domain account.

For my repository server, I believe I have all the basic pieces in place (svn, Kerberos, with SVNSERVE deferring to SASL authentication, which is then configured to use GSSAPI for the mechanism). I am now to the point where an attempt to query the repository results in a "Could not negotiate authentication mechanism," which is what I expect at this point because I have not defined the SPN for the repository host to query Kerberos. Network Capture tells me that the spn "svn/*FQDN_of_host_omitted* is not a recognized SPN, which is precisely what I expect at this point...

So, although I know I need an SPN, I need a bit of guidance on getting the proper SPN set, as I cannot do it myself in this test environment (must be requested, so I want to ensure I request the proper combination). My belief is I need the SPN's listed below, but I would greatly appreciate if someone could verify that I'm in the right direction. I'm getting confused regarding whether an SPN is needed purely for the svn service against the host, or for the svn service against the host through a designated account, or both.

So, I believe I may need one or all of the following. Which, if any, are right/wrong?:

#1 SPN for svn service on non-FQDN of host machine:
setspn -F -A svn/*nonFQDN_of_host* *nonFQDN_of_host*

#2 SPN for svn service on FQDN of host machine:
setspn -F -A svn/*FQDN_of_host* *FQDN_of_host*

#3 SPN for svn service from non-FQDN of host through service account:
setspn -F -A svn/*nonFQDN_of_host* *domain\svnhostaccount*

#4 SPN for svn service from FQDN of host through service account:
setspn -F -A svn/*FQDN_of_host* *domain\svnhostacccount*

Thanks in advance for the assistance, and hopefully the question isn't too foolish on its face :)

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