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I have 2 service in servicebase which has a onstart method is infinate loop (done using AsyncReadContext way) but when start a service it is starting the service which is first in the list and never and coming to onstart of second service. Some code:

           ServiceBase[] ServicesToRun;

            ServicesToRun = new ServiceBase[]
                            new Service1(),
                new Service 2(),



 protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
//read MsMQ async way

Service 1 is reading the queue but service 2 is not reading the queue. Its the same code when i change service 2 to first in the list then service 2 is reading the queue. Here queues for the two service are different.

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You should kick off another thread in the OnStart - method which does the actual work.

For example with an anonymous method:

var t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(() => {
   //Actual work here

This causes the OnStart method to finish right away and should also startup your second service.

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There were issues in my code. Two services Service1 and service 2 and not installed by serviceinstaller. when I changed to serviceIntaller and ServiceInstaller to ProjectInstaller. I was 1093 Error and service cant be started and this because service names of the services are same once I changed to class name of the service issue is resolved.

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